PSP Go battery life pretty much the same

Fresh details on the PSP Go have been revealed by Adam Grant, the PSP European Product Manager, on the EU’s official PlayStation blog. The major revelation was that the Go’s battery life is more or less identical to the old versions, i.e. three to six hours for gameplay and three to five for video playback. The stats are pretty disappointing, considering the lack of a UMD drive and therefore less moving parts. Mr Grant gave the smaller size and weight as an excuse.

There appears to be less reason with every passing day to upgrade to the Go, especially given the extortionate release price. However, Mr Grant does also mention in his latest post that a ‘goodwill programme’ will be introduced for owners of an older model, who won’t be able to play their old UMD’s on the Go. Presumably this will allow gamers to download titles they already own from the PlayStation Store, although how Sony will handle proof of purchase is anyone’s guess. To back this up, Grant also stated that many current UMD titles will be made available for download.

A new PSP Go, or 250 boxes of chicken nuggets? The choice is yours.