Sam and Max adventure onto XBLA

There hasn’t exactly been a wealth of adventure games released for Xbox Live Arcade. Anyone looking for a worthwhile adventure experience on the download service has basically had to choose between Braid, Exit, and Ecco the Dolphin. But next week, Telltale Games will flood the XBLA market with its stellar Sam & Max series.  On June 17, Sam & Max Save the World, also known as Sam & Max Season One, will be available to all Xbox 360 owners. In addition subsequent seasons previously available on other platforms will be released on XBLA in the coming months. For those not experts on 80’s gaming icons, this anthropomorphic duo rose to fame in their first outing, Sam & Max Hit the Road, a seminal game released by LucasArts in 1987, the heyday of graphic adventure games.

Noted for its great sense of humor and fun puzzles, Season One consists of six episodes that have received widespread acclaim from PC and Wii gamers. The first season has received a few updates for its 360 debut: achievements, widescreen support, and HD graphics have been added to the game.

Sam & Max Save the World will cost 1600 Microsoft points upon release.