Smuggle your way to victory in The Old Republic

Bioware has officially revealed another class for their Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. I was already a lot more excited about this game when the recent high budget cinematic was released into the world, showcasing lots of Sith-on-Jedi murders, but the Smuggler is long awaited good news. Fans (or players turned haters) of Star Wars Galaxies will remember the Smuggler well. They used blasters, dirty tricks and generally dressed like Han Solo. The new Smuggler is no exception, but he is improved. Equipment has gotten cooler including dusters, hats, capes, and dual wielding blasters. The Smugglers seem to have sided with the Republic, more out of necessity than anything else. Freedom is what they live for, and the Sith don’t really stand for that.

The 3 combat videos on the official site show a few techniques the Smuggler will use to best his many many foes. First, using a stun grenade to gain a precious moment to line up a headshot. Second, rolling and cover systems used to get out of the fray and pop out for the kill. And lastly, a flurry skill that allows you to fire tons of blasters shots when strategy just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Look for more details on exactly how you can lie, cheat, and steal as the Smuggler, as they develop.