China will have to do without World of Warcraft for awhile

With World of Warcraft still touting its 11.5 million subscribers, what some aren’t aware of is that the majority of those subscribers come from Asia, with a good portion of those subscribers coming from China and for the time being, Chinese WoW players will have to find some other form of entertainment as the Chinese company formerly in charge of the servers called The9 has taken them down.

Blizzard broke off ties with The9 earlier in the year and instead made an agreement with The9 rival, Netease. Netease however, hasn’t launched any servers for the MMO yet. Some are left to speculate how this will pan out for the Chinese subscriber base. A poll of some of the subscribers points to some interesting information, 53 percent of players said they would return, 26 percent wanted to observe the handover of the servers and then make a decision while 21 percent said they wouldn’t return to the game. The new servers are said to go up later in June.