Devs tell us Dante’s Inferno is really a love story

If this developer diary above is any indication, we had better brush up on our classic literature before trying to take on Dante’s Inferno later this year as not only is EA taking on Dante’s Divine Comedy, but they also toss in a few Lewis Carroll references on the sly. In the video, masked behind the vomiting of humans and eternal damnation, the developers break down the moral of the story, one man’s quest for unrequited true love, and tell us how they stay true to the original work.

The main thing that Dante is remembered for is creating the everlasting idea of the nine circles of hell, laying out the structure of where each sinner goes in hell and the punishments that await. “I read the poem and thought right away, like, that’s a videogame. We can make a videogame out of that,” says Assistant Producer Zach Mumbach.

The developers say that one of the most important things for them was to follow the circles Dante had laid out in the poem over 700 years ago and not enter the game with the mindset of creating new circles. While things are interpreted a little differently, for example, Dante was not really an ass-kicking literary type bound on revenge, but the devs tried to keep things as close to the manuscript as possible.

Hell has never looked so good… or so much like a God of War game.