Motion games to take half the market, EA head believes

EA CEO John Riccitiello has plenty to say regarding the current generation of consoles and what each of the manufacturers had to offer in terms of motion control. EA, who are now fairly open about their confidence in motion control having packaged Wii MotionPlus with recently released games like Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, would probably be more than ready for a future of consoles sporting unique motion control solutions, at least that’s what Riccitiello is implying. “My guess is that where this ends up is: motion controllers end up with half the market. And the other half still ends up with a more traditional game controller,” he told Kotaku.

“The industry, up until the Wii was introduced, was [such] that all genres worked on all platforms in sort of equal balance. There wasn’t much difference. My suspicion is that what we’re going to find is that different platforms will work better or worse — will get marketed better or worse — for a particular enterprise.” EA, however, would be ready for an industry that would utilize the new motion controllers. How? They’re already working with dev kits relative to Natal. “We’ve been working on this kind of stuff before Microsoft had a commitment to this kind of stuff… we’re relatively far down the path of understanding how the technology works.” With EA making a splash on Sports Active and receiving positive remarks on the utilization of MotionPlus, it seems EA have already grasped a clear understanding of what works on the Wii. The question is, will they be able to do the same Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s wand?