Big Surf Island comes with toy surprises

Think $12.50 is a little expensive, but don’t really wanna pass up the goodness that is Big Surf Island for Burnout Paradise? Need more then a huge new environment and challenges and a new freakin’ license you get to work on, for goodness sake? Really, you need more? Fine.

There are nine new cars that can be unlocked in Big Surf Island. Five of which we already knew to be dune buggies and huge muscle cars — typical beach fair. Now it turns out that the last four are none other then the Legendary Cars pack from a couple months ago only done in adorable miniature. A little stub-nosed Time Machine. Ecto-1 built like a mini-cooper. In a word, adorable. Some of the more frugal among us passed up the Legendary Car pack as not being worth it. I ask you now Ebenezer, is it worth it?

Big Surf Island is available right now, details on how to unlock the toy surprises at the bottom after the break.

  • Toy Jansen P12 88 Special (Time Machine) – Hit all 45 Island Billboards
  • Toy Hunter Manhattan Spirit (Ecto-1) – Hit all 75 Island Smashes
  • Toy Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger (General Lee) – Jump from all 15 Island Mega Jumps
  • Toy Carson GT Nighthawk (KITT) – Complete all 24 Island Road Rules (Timed & Showtime)