Introducing a new feature / Video of the Week

We see a lot of game videos each week, and since the weekends are a nice time to recap things of all shapes and sizes, we’re introducing a new “Video of the Week” feature where we highlight a few of the week’s best since lets face it, considering the amount of effort and resources that can go into making a trailer or a cinematic, it’s outright criminal to bring attention to the best of them just once.

But what must a video have in order to be qualified as one the week’s best? Everything or anything, really. It can be a trailer, a cinematic, straight up gameplay footage, or any other type of game video, there are no rules or limitations. It just has to be cool, awesome, groovy, far out, or whatever your choice of words may be.

Each week three videos will be chosen — the main attraction followed by 2 runner-ups of equal value — and, as seen in this maiden feature, each will be accompanied by a few words from your favorite TVGB wordsmiths where we (try to) justify our reasoning. Feedback telling us how little taste we have is encouraged of course, and don’t forget to throw in your own favs of the week should they differ from ours.

Pick of the week: This week’s TVGB favorite is the “Brothers” trailer for the Techland-developed, Ubisoft-published Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood which shows us some of the chemistry and potential conflict the McCall brothers will bring to the game when it launches later this month.

Rain Anderson: The killer humor (hah!), music which may not be from the era but suits the situations depicted perfectly, and plenty of mixed in gameplay footage make this an easy choice. The overall presentation makes the video seem more like a trailer for a movie than a videogame really, and implies once more that the developers have put more focus on the story this time around.

Lee Bradley: Duel-wielding revolvers, mini-gun wagontrains, exploding wigwams and a sexy lady: you couldn’t ask for any more.

Jordan Fehr: I support the nomination for Call of Juarez on the grounds of dual 6-shooters, sexual tension, and exploding porches/barrels/watertowers. We shoot first and talk never in the old west. Now reload that gatt and hand me my flask.

Runner-up 1: BrĂ¼tal Legend “Rock Gods” trailer

Aaron Yorke: Getting Ozzy is a huge selling point and now this game looks like it could rival great movie comedy in terms of humor. Also, the combat gameplay looks like its going to live up to the blood-stained title.

Lee Bradley: This one gets through on sheer exuberance alone. Tim Schafer, Jack Black, Lemmy, and Ozzy Osbourne. How can you resist?

Runner-up 2: APB character customization demo

Aaron Yorke: This just blew my mind. I guess I should mention that the Fight Night Round 4 customization was amazing in that you could get your own face in the game, but the sheer amount of options available in APB totally amazed me.