Pachter reaffirms belief in the WiiHD

Contrary to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s words, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter is still “… absolutely convinced there is a Wii HD coming,” and soon too. Pachter expects Nintendo’s next home console, referred by him as the “Wii HD” or the “Wii Plus,” will be launched in 2010, 2011 at the latest, to compete with Microsoft’s Project Natal so to prevent people from upgrading their Wii to an Xbox 360 since they’d both have motion controls. In fact, Mr. Pachter was so adamant about this belief that he defended his position on the Neogaf forum and also provided insight into his prediction methods.

While Pachter has been wrong in the past, I see a new Nintendo console on the horizon. Ever since the release of the SNES, Nintendo has consistently released a new console every 5 years, which if patterns are to be believed would place the theoretical “Wii Plus” in 2011. After all, the Wii’s hardware doesn’t exactly lend itself well to a 10-year plan.