Call of Duty has 11 million of the world at war

Treyarch have long been the B-Team for Call of Duty development and the so-so Call of Duty 3 only confirmed this to fans of the series. Luckily, after Infinity Ward showed them how it’s done with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, they took criticism to heart and churned out the thoroughly awesome (and great value) Call of Duty: World At War to much applause and sales.

Sales of the game started well, almost clearing 1.9 million during its first month alone, and have continued to hold up despite being out for almost a year. Worldwide sales of the title have recently broken the 11 million barrier coupled with over 2 million eager consumers downloading the first map pack. That’s a lot. A hell of a lot.

Expect the Call of Duty franchise to be milked for all its worth for the next decade (at least) with Modern Warfare 2 on the way and Treyarch rumored to be developing a Vietnam-based chapter of the franchise. No doubt Activision are busy trademarking every war since the 1900’s to ensure the well never dries up.