XBLA gets a little magical tomorrow

Inspired by that new, hip game all the kids are playing, Wizards of the Coast and Stainless Games bring us Magic: the Gathering- Duel of the Planeswalkers to XBLA for 800 Microsoft Points. I am the only person on staff who still plays MTG and have been tasked to explain the title of the game. Here it goes.

When playing Magic you take on the role of a Planeswalker, previously just called the player before the introduction of Planeswalker cards in the Lorwyn expansion. A Planeswalker is a very powerful wizard who has the ability to travel between realms (planes) and battles other wizards (Planeswalkers). It’s pretty much Mortal Kombat if everyone played as Shang Tsung and instead of punching you traded pictures of Goro back and forth until one of you died.

So now you know what you’re buying. Online play, including awesome “Two-Headed Giant” co-op matches have been confirmed. The big question for MTG buffs who play online now is how players get cards. If they’re all avaliable outright then it’s head and shoulders above the previous Magic Online system where real money must be spent on digital cards. If Wizards tries to get all the Magic Online players to buy their cards a third time, aside from confirming they hate Magic players, I don’t see things going so well.