Five people plus six months of word research equals Scribblenauts win

Scribblenauts is not playing around when it comes to producing what is written on screen. While most games can barely string together coherent sentences, the guys over at 5th Cell had five staff members scour dictionaries, Wikipedia, and various other resources for six months straight to add words to the game’s word pool. Wait… six months?

Jeremiah Slaczka, creative director at 5th Cell, revealed at E3 that the five people spent six months going over every language source, all day, everyday of the week. “With the technology, we just basically said we’re going to take all the base things like fire and temperature and gravity and physics and we’re just going to put it down there and the game’s going to take all that and know exactly what to do with it. We don’t have to program anything,” says Slaczka. “If a bear is hungry and wants honey, we don’t have to program that — it’s going to know that already.”

No word on what those five people did to piss their bosses off.