Golemizer for Facebook: live out your inner Mad Scientist while stalking your friends

Facebook can be addictive. So can MMOs. Either one can be a cure to boredom or a good way to procrastinate for a few hours. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when someone gets the bright idea to combine the two. Machine 22, an independent developer, announced today that their MMORPG, Golemizer, will now be available to play as a Facebook app.

Golemizer is a free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG that lets players express their inner mad scientist in a Steampunk universe. Players will have the opportunity to create golems/pets to carry out their whim, even while the player is logged out. The game boasts a variety of user-generated content with players having the ability to craft, create quests, housing, dungeons and, of course, the golems.

So if stalking friends is getting boring and this sounds like your cup of tea then try it out. Facebookers will have the option to start fresh or link to an already-active account. And if that particular social networking site isn’t for you, relax. The game will also be available to MySpacers at the end of June.