Metroid creator supports further Prime games

There are far too many games in the world that are not Metroid. In fact every game that is not a Metroid game is indeed not Metroid. So the encouragement of more Metroid games is something any gamer should champion to the ends of the earth. For instance, if the creator of Metroid wants more Metroid Prime games, or at least would support them, then that is a good thing. In fact, although I’m ecstatic over the series’ return to its roots I wouldn’t be against more FPS action too.

Metroid co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto talks a bit about how he’d like that too. “With regards to the Prime series, if the team at Retro comes up with an idea that does bring a sequel to the series to fruition, I by all means encourage them to do that,” he said. “But I’m not directly involved with the Prime games. In terms of the Metroid series stories that I’ve told, the games that I’ve been involved in, I started with the NES Metroid and took it through Fusion.

“I’m hoping to tie the Super Metroid and Fusion stories together, and until I do that I can’t think about what happens after Fusion, but if the concept does come to me I’d like to continue the story and see how far it can go,” he told Wired.

More story?! More Prime?! More continuity?! Metroid fanboy overload! Brain explodes!