Quick! Hand me my shotgun, there’s a Mad Dog in my Wii

I’d like to say that I spent hours enjoying the live action arcade shooter Mad Dog McCree in my arcade running days, but at four quarters per play I usually just ran back to Turtles in Time or House of the Dead. Mad Dog McCree looked and played great as light-gun shooters went, but really stood out with its western theme and live action format. Now, for those who wouldn’t pony up the dough or those that missed it all together, the dog is back with a vengeance and a compilation pack for the Wii–its a light-gun game, what did you expect?

The Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack comes with all three classic games Mad Dog McCree, Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold and The Last Bounty Hunter on one awefurly purdy disc. Polish off those dime-store badges and shoot from the hip as the only bounty hunter bold enough to take on one of the meanest bastards fictionally created for a Hollywood inspired western light-gun game. Players can take a shot at all three games solo or with up to three others (we suggest charging them the $1 per play for that nostalgic/entrepreneur feel). Posse Mode has players working together for a collective score, while Rebel Mode is a free for all. Either way charge penalty fees for stealing power-ups!

Majesco announced that it has already started shipping to US retailers and that Europe will be getting a release on the 28th. At just $19.99 or £24.99, this could honestly be a game to pick up on the cheap for fans of the genre or bad westerns in general. What is very exciting though is that Majesco’s deal with Digital Leisure, which is how we’re getting this port, could mean further releases from Digital Leisure like the coin devouring Dragon’s Lair.