See familiar faces, places in new Metal Gear Online content

Konami brings us back to Snake’s old stomping grounds of Shadow Moses one more time, as they released new downloadable content for Metal Gear Online today. Officially titled Icebound Inferno, the new map features the snowy stage from the first MGS title and is said to be “[b]est suited for medium-to long-range combat.” We’re also getting a new playable character in Old Snake. His Octo-cam suit will work differently, allowing him to blend in with the environment rather than full-blown invisibility, which I assume is to level the playing field. And finally, the new Auto Matching Reward mode will make it so that only the top-ranked player in either individual or team matches will get all the reward points. I’m still waiting for the Lipton Dip Reward mode to justify my unsportsmanlike teabaggery.

Players will need to have the SCENE expansion pack before downloading these new additions, which are available via MGO’s in-game shop and its official website.