Videogame companies scoff at bailout money, call Wall Street CEOs “amateur”

OK, so the information in that headline is a bit of an exaggeration. But, videogame firms are certainly in no need of a bailout in this down economy — they’re booming. Venerable accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers has released the titillatingly titled report “Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2009-2013.” Therein, they state that 2009 game industry revenues in the U.S. (which include all software sales for console, PC, handheld, mobile platforms, income generated from subscription fees, and in-game advertisements like those billboards in Burnout Paradise) total $17.2 billion.

And PwC only sees good things on the horizon for our beloved hobby. For each of the next three years, they are predicting 5.8 percent annual growth in revenues. By 2013, they’re predicting a bottom-line national revenue figure of $21.6 billion, with a total of $73.5 billion in worldwide sales.

Allow me to make a modest suggestion to the recent college graduates out there: forget the investment banks on Wall Street — those game developers and publishers are where it’s at.