DJ Hero and Band Hero priced

Thought you had enough miniature sized plastic pieces of faux band equipment cluttering up your home entertainment area? Think again. Now that the new DJ Hero game is priced complete with turn table peripheral at $119.99 you can begin saving so that you may add yet another item to your band collection. If you’re of the unfortunate position of not owning any of the other Guitar Hero related items you can also purchase the Band Hero package for a mere $199.99.

No, the Band Hero package does not include any of the DJ Hero items, that’s absurd my dear reader. Why would you assume such nonsense? Well to be honest that’s what I initially thought too, so let us collectively wipe that egg off our faces and move on. Turns out Band Hero includes, drums, guitar, microphone and Guitar Hero 5. So if you’re just starting your collection and intend to own it all, it will set you back around $320. But just think about how much entertainment value that would provide, surely that’s better than seeing The Proposal 32 times in a row, right?