For the love of God, buy The Secret of Monkey Island

You’ve all met people like my roommate, Jack. Jack likes to play Madden. In fact, he only plays Madden. He got a PlayStation 2 solely to play Madden. When not playing Madden, Jack will occasionally mix things up and play NCAA Football. Well, it’s time we put Jack in his place. As you likely already know, LucasArts is releasing a graphically updated The Secret of Monkey Island for Xbox Live Arcade this summer. In a recent interview LucasArts Community Manager Brooks Brown has stated that, if the game sells well, the company will make other classic titles such as Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, and Full Throttle, available for download.

No, neither I nor anyone else at That VideoGame Blog work for LucasArts. We just can’t help the fact that The Secret of Monkey Island is a great, classic game that everyone should know about. Nor can we help the fact that we get excited at the possibility of other great, classic games being released in the future. So, do yourself a favor and give Monkey Island a try. The engrossing puzzles and clever humor will suck you in. If nothing else, the game will supply a unique, fresh experience.  And let’s face it – sooner or later, even the Jacks of the world get a little bored with Madden.