Listen, there is no new Microsoft console coming in 2010

So rumors abounded today about a new Microsoft console coming in 2010 being confirmed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. We didn’t report on them because we are really lazy smart, and knew it wasn’t true from the start. Thus we don’t now have egg on our face when it turns out that it wasn’t true at all, and that Microsoft has no new console in the works for 2010. None, nothing, nada.

Speaking to Destructoid Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg said, ““I can tell you that we are not launching a new console in 2010 … “We’re not going to have to require customers to reinvest in an entirely new platform.” He then went on to explain that the information taken from Ballmer was probably a misunderstanding, and that while there isn’t a new system coming that doesn’t mean there won’t be a Natal SKU in the works. Greenberg says that they’re working out a “go-to-market” plan.

Good money on a new SKU in the future, but don’t hold your breath as Greenberg also notes that Natal will not be hitting in the next few months since devs are just getting started on making games for the camera.