Nintendo insults the intelligence of its audience…

…or maybe it doesn’t. I guess there are some really dumb people out there. The above video is from Grand Slam Tennis and it explains in stupid detail how to attach Wii MotionPlus, remove Wii MotionPlus, plug in a Nunchuk to Wii MotionPlus, and how to make Wii MotionPlus stable again. These things might need explaining, but the way in which they are explained sounds like it is being directed at a 2-year-old.

Could that music in the background be anymore hypnotic? It makes you unable to stop staring at the screen, not that you can since once you start the video there is evidently no way to skip or stop it. That’s just dumb, because I could forget how to connect it but remember everything else and then I have to sit through the rest of the video despite already being reminded how to attach my Wii MotionPlus. Such jerks.