Nostalgia trailer had me at at hello

I am rarely reminded of Skies of Arcadia without thinking that game will simply be another let down as it could never be as awesome as that classic RPG was. But now I have seen that light and that light is Nostalgia for the Nintendo DS. If you watch the trailer above you’ll be able to see that this is simply Skies of Arcadia with a different name (and I’m sure a few other features). If Sega isn’t willing to publish a sequel to one of the best RPGs ever, I’m sure glad someone seems to be picking up the ball.

And if that someone is the devs behind Final Fantasy III and IV DS reboot and the producer of Fatal Frame, then we’ll just have to suck it up and let it be awesome. If you’ve never played Skies I suggest you head out to your local used game store, dust off your Dreamcast or GameCube, and play it because you’ve got until Fall of 2009 to get really excited for Nostalgia.