Brütal Legend creator discusses “biggest barrier” in gaming

Though we know them to be capable of so much more, games still tend to be either devalued or demonized in the mainstream media, a trend attributed by Grim Fandango and Psychonauts creator Tim Schafer to their typically narrow-minded focus. If games ever want to be accepted alongside film and television, they need to start exploring a greater range of genres.

“I think it’s a subject matter barrier. Not everybody wants to get into these super violent worlds and yet here I am making a game about broad axes and decapitation,” he said in an exclusive interview with “It’s getting better, it used to be that the games industry had a short list of inspirations. You had Tolkien-esque fantasy, Star Wars, and then new things get added. I think GTA brought a whole new level of inspiration. And I think the broader that gets, the more people will be interested in games.”

“If you look at movies, they deal with everything about life. They deal with all aspects of life: romance, comedy, serious dramas. And games are mostly limited to the summer action blockbuster,” he went on to say. “They haven’t really gone outside of that. But I think they will, and hopefully they will soon, or else people will be solidified in their view of games.”