Choplifter to take to the skies again?

Cast your mind back far enough and you may just remember a game called Choplifter. Originally released back in the dark days of the early 80’s, Choplifter charged you with rescuing hostages with your ladder- dropping chopper, while fighting off various block-pixeled bad guys. It was something of a phenomenon, earning itself a release on just about every platform available. Oh and it rocked, we should mention that too.

Why are we blabbering on about Choplifter like a Grandad with a faceful of Werther’s Originals? Because it’s gonna make a comeback, sonny jim, that’s why! According to Giant Bomb, developers InXile Entertainment filed a trademark for the title “Choplifter” for use in “downloadable electronic games via the Internet and wireless devices.” So, it’s entirely possible that Choplifter may just be making its way to Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network… or equally it could just turn up on iPhone and cell phones, but don’t spoil our Choplifter: HD Remix dreams, alright!?