Dynasty Warriors six shows off everything

We’ve got three Dyanasty Warriors 6 videos to show off here. The first gives us a little action in the game in which you once again beat up on massive amounts of bad guys by slamming your thumb and fingers into buttons over and over again. It’s good solid fun and looks pretty much the same as the good solid fun that came before it. I’m not sure why Menghuo, the man with the large pillar, uses a pillar to destroy his enemies, but it looks pretty effective.

The two vids below are on the “creative” side of the game, which really means the character design. In a game lacking depth it’s nice to see the ability to at least look different when you’re slicing hundreds of warriors to the ground. This iteration of the game also claims to have some strategy in it, but we’re going to wait and see if that’s actually true since our PR crap alarm went off the second we read it.