Trial version of Battlefield 1943 incoming

To make up for the lack of a public beta for the upcoming Battlefield 1943, DICE is planning on giving players a trial version of the upcoming arcade shooter. In a discussion with Eurogamer, EA DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke fired off the news, “No beta, but we have a trial version that lets you confirm what you already thought – that this game is the best USD 15 I will ever spend!” They didn’t divulge any details on what the trial version would include but we imagine not a whole lot considering how lite the game is itself.

The details on the game remain unchanged as Battlefield 1943 remains a reprise of the popular Battlefield 1942 trimmed of excess fat and boiled down to three classes and three maps: Wake Island, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. A fourth map called Coral Sea can be unlocked after community members kill each other 43 million times.

Battlefield 1943 is set to hit sometime this summer on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network and then in September for the PC. If you played BF 1942 then you’ll know that this is well worth the wait.