EQ designer: Without EQ there would be no WoW

Yes, World of Warcraft has taken some of the spots of the MMORPG for awhile now, so much so that when any other major MMO is released there’s always the question of whether or not it will dethrone WoW floating around. But what some may not know is what paved the way for WoW. According to EverQuest lead designer Ryan Barker, if it had not have been for EQ, we wouldn’t be looking at the World of Warcraft we see today.

When asked by VideoGamer if he thought WoW would not have existed if EQ had not been released, he responded: “That’s definitely true, and I think most of the guys at Blizzard would say that too. They had a comment at BlizzCon where somebody mentioned EverQuest and a few people in the crowd booed. I don’t remember who was up there at the time, but they were like, hey you can’t be knocking on the grandfathers there. I think it’s definitely true.” Enjoying the array of acronyms, both MMOs are enjoying pretty healthy playerbases regardless. Perhaps the people on the EQ team will make the next game to top WoW‘s numbers?