Eyes-on at E3 / Modern Warfare 2

I got to see about ten minutes of gameplay (much of which everyone saw at Microsoft’s press conference) and didn’t get to play a single second of it and I still came out of my Modern Warfare 2 demo about to give the game some sort of Game of Show award. If you haven’t played the first Modern Warfare then you won’t know what I’m talking about, but for the rest of you out there — which is most likely 90 percent of you — just imagine the greatest FPS ever, but now it’s better.

We were sat down in a darkened room with a few of the devs from the game and walked through the ice level that was shown at E3, except this time we got to see it all. How can I be so excited over a level that you couldn’t see ten feet in front of because the snow made it look like it was something out of Turok? Well for one the snow stopped, but for another thing it felt exactly like watching Modern Warfare and unlike half the other games I simply sat and watched being played I actually got excited to play this one.

If you saw Microsoft’s press conference then you saw how this level starts out. You’re climbing a frozen mountain with your captain and you control a few ice pic actions and jumping and the like. It’s all got that very cinematic feel that made the first Modern Warfare so epic. Many of the best parts of the first one had limited control and worked so well because of the situation you were in and how well Infinity Ward pulled it off. I don’t want to compare climbing an ice wall to this, but who is ever going to forget (SPOILER!) crawling out of your downed helicopter slowly and methodically only to die a few yards from it. It’s this brilliance in game direction that changes what would look dull and ordinary in almost any other game into something truly epic in the Modern Warfare games.

Of course the games are shooters, and shooting shall be done. In the snow level we viewed the overall objective was to blow up some satellites, and blow them up we did. However, our two heroes were sort of caught first and had to escape while blowing everything up. Once again that cinematic style kicked in, but you’re playing it. So many games fail at putting you into the action, but Modern Warfare 2 delivers it better than ever. I’m not entirely sure what is it about the game, or the level we watched, but even though I wasn’t playing it I felt like I was right in the action.

Not too many story details were given out other than the fact that it was a continuation of the first Modern Warfare‘s story, something that hadn’t been done in Call of Duty franchise and one of the excuses given for changing the name. If you watched the E3 demo you know that vehicles have made an appearance in the game in the form of a snowmobile, and some ghetto sideways shooting. I was told that vehicles were only put in places where the devs thought they fit the story and the gameplay and would not be something that was simply put in the game for the sake of being in the game. Very reassuring as often times when vehicles are introduced, challenge and thought go out the window thanks to the ability of a tank to drive over everyone in sight.

So will Modern Warfare 2 rock? Yes, of course. I feel almost silly writing up an eyes-on for it since we’re all going out to buy it anyway. Here’s to great devs making great games.