America’s Army 3 goes through some ups and downs

America’s Army, the simulation game which aims to provide an accurate portrayal of life in the U.S. military, has since run into some problems during its latest foray into to the rough field of combat shooters.

According to Gamepolitics, the launch of version 3.0 didn’t go to well, mainly due to authentication server issues. Unfortunately, the launch was further complicated due to the game’s entire development staff being shown the door, as reported by ShackNews.

The fact that the game is running into these problems is disappointing, considering that America’s Army was regarded rather favorably as a tactical shooter game.

Problems aside, the game is apparently planning to launch at the Army Experience Center in Philadelphia today; ironic, considering that a large protest was staged there. Let’s hope that this game has a smooth launch…it will be needed to accompany the rough time that many will have playing it.