Dad + Games = Epic Fail

With the average gamer age raising all the time, it’s inevitable that more and more of us are becoming parents. All-night Xbox sessions are being replaced with cleaning up puddles of vomit and freaking out as little Timmy/Lucinda decides to chew through our precious console’s power cord.

So happy Father’s Day to all those blessed with offspring, and if you click ‘More’, there’s a couple of treats for you – random videos featuring gaming dads. For those of you yet to experience the ‘joy’ of parenthood, enjoy your precious moments of gaming freedom while you can. You never know when that girl you enjoyed a drunken tumble with in an alleyway last Christmas is gonna come knocking…

First off, here’s an unfortunate dad being mocked for his lack of skill in Portal. You have to admire the guy’s patience. A lesser man would have beaten his kids with a french loaf for jabbing a camera in his face and berating his lack of understanding of the game’s complex physics.

Don’t worry though, this next father turns the tables on his own kid, via a fake videogame. This video’s a classic, but it’s well worth repeat viewing, especially if you get some sadistic pleasure from watching a kid being scared witless.

If any of you guys have suggestions for more father/game related videos, post them up in the comments. Have a great day, everyone.