New details on Eden, a game kids shouldn’t play

Lars von Trier’s Antichrist debuted earlier this year at the Cannes film festival and stirred up, for lack of a more refined description, a veritable shit-storm of controversy. It was outrageously sexual and filled with the type of shocking brutality that even has hardened fancy pants art film admirers cringing (for more on the Cannes reaction, Roger Ebert wrote an insightful journal entry). Let’s just say that if you’re against graphic mutilations of the family jewels, the film might not be for you.

And what do you know? Here comes the game based on it, retitled Eden. This obviously begs the question of why? Antichrist was an experimental art film that divided the audience it was made for, and now there’s a game based on it? MTV had the opportunity to interview Morten Iverson, the game director of Eden and an employee of Zentropa, von Trier’s production company. When asked about why this game exists, Iverson responds, “I admire Lars von Trier’s work immensely, and look forward to developing this game based on his work and hopefully with his creative input. He’s an extremely creative, condescending, misogynist genius with a shipload of phobias rattling him every day, so we’re like kindred spirits.”

Hmm…condescending and misogynistic? Sounds like a real winner there! Best quote of the article? “Absolutely not available at Wal-Mart!”