The Saboteur, not really a WWII videogame

You so thought Pandemic’s The Saboteur was a game that revolved around World War 2. You thought the liberation of France from occupying German forces had something to do with World War 2. Actually, we all did, except the people at Pandemic look at it very differently.

“We don’t even really think of our game as a WWII game, it’s the backdrop to our game which gives us arguably the best real world bad guys of all time,” Pandemic’s Thomas French said. One can only arrive at the assumption that the title of “WWII game” has been linked so heavily to first-person shooters and arguably real-time strategy games, that perhaps even The Saboteur is possible to be unique enough to make it different kind of WWII game. Eh, nope, it’s still a WWII game.