Valve prepares players for custom content

The Left 4 Dead SDK beta has been out for quite awhile now, just enough time for modders to create their content such as new campaigns and versus maps. Soon we’ll get to experience some of the interesting user-made content as Valve prepares Left 4 Dead for add-ons.

Different from the way other Valve titles have handled custom content, installing a map, the poster, models and textures is now possible by downloading and double-clicking on a singe file but if you’re a traditionalist who loves to manually put files in folders, there will be an “addons” folder available when the update is released. Likewise, a new option will allow players to find other lobbies running the same custom map or they can create their own and players inside that lobby will be offered the option to download the content. The update is said to be available some time this week.

Still no word on the 4×4 matchmaking system but the wave of user-made content is sure to alleviate the wait.