Video of the Week / June 21

Pick of the week: Earlier in the week the somewhat troubled Midway Newcastle announced that for the last three months, they’ve been keeping themselves busy with a new intellectual property called Necessary Force. The subsequently released trailer doesn’t show any gameplay footage of the gritty Unreal Engine 3-powered game, just pure art in motion, and manages to show off the dark world of a anything-goes-style cop most effectively. Which is the reason it’s this week’s TVGB favorite.

Lee Bradley: We don’t know if this game will ever see the light of day, or indeed if it will be any good – but the trailer really works. Not because of the hackneyed premise or the sub-Portishead soundtrack, but rather because of the sheer quality of its art design. It looks good.

Also, the image of a bound and bloodied captive, with an steam-iron brandishing lump of a man in the background has to be one of the most threatening I’ve seen in a while. Maybe he’s just about to press some fresh clothes… yeah, that’ll be it.

Chad George: The idea that the concept art shown in this video makes me want to buy the game only causes me to want the game even more once the style gets finalized. The grimy feel of the city really comes across, as does the frustration the cop feels in trying to do his job.

Runner-up 1: ArmA II launch trailer

Chad George: Realistic war scenes set against a news plastered TV screen hits a bit too close to home – but it looks awesome.

Rain Anderson: Hardcore military sims don’t come around too often these days, so it’s only refreshing that besides being developed to be as realistic as possible, the game is also being advertised in a way that very strongly reflects that realism.

Runner-up 2: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood “The McCalls Will Ride” trailer

Rain Anderson: Not nearly as good as last week’s winner, but seeing the McCalls taking out their foes from pretty much everything from the era that could be driven or mounted definitely adds to the anticipation.

Chad George: Is there anything that the McCall brothers can’t do? I mean, really…