Bayonetta shows off her clothing-optional combos

Key to performing the most devastating, and tantalizing, moves in Platinum Games’ Bayonetta will be your mastery of the game’s surprisingly deep combat system, which you’ll have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with between levels.

Rather than bore you with inane tips between bouts of angelic ass kickery, Bayonetta‘s load screens will allow you to practice some of the witchy woman’s most powerful and provocative moves and attacks. In this extended video, we see her wielding a variety of weapons, including guns, rocket launchers, swords and whips. We also see her stripping down to perform a few of her much talked about hair attacks and devastating finishing moves that leave her in various states of undress. Controversy courting nudity aside, it’s the deep combat system and fluid character animations that have me thinking this could be the action game of the year, a title that manages to be sexy, silly and just plain fun to play.