BioShock 2’s marketing kicks up a gear

Anticipation for BioShock 2 is off the charts. The original title combined smooth FPS gameplay with an engaging narrative to expert effect, so much so that the moment the first game was over gamers were already clambering for the next installment.

BioShock 2’s on its way, that much we know, but details are scant about the plot and direction of the sequel. Thank God for marketing departments, who, in an effort to promote BioShock 2, sent various people a crayon scrawled picture of the Big Sister and some Little Sisters.

The package doesn’t shed much light on the title but it does contain a letter written by Mark Meltzer saying, “I assume Jeremiah Lynch gave you my contact information to help me with my research. Enclosed are two of the items I found in the lunchbox that SHE left. Please let me know if you can make anything of them. Any information you might have could be integral to finding my daughter.”

What this means is up to you. But if you need any help, pop over to 2K’s forums for a more in-depth analysis.