Cardboard Tube Samurai coming to Tekken 6

The double-weilded tubes. The pacman-branded gi. The sock-enhanced mandals. This could be no other than the legendary Cardboard Tube Samurai, Penny Arcade’s tyrant-hating warrior and wanderer, as he will appear in Tekken 6.

At least, as his costume will appear anyway. First dropped on Twitter, then bolstered by GamerTag Radio, and now confirmed on Penny Arcade, these are indeed the iconic threads of Gabe and Tycho’s Cardboard Tube Samurai, to be donned by Yoshimitsu in the actual Iron Fist Tournament. A fanfare-filled announcement is still expected at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo, but the webcomic is already running banner ads for the Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins designed outfit, being offered as a pre-order bonus.