Developer comments on lack of Ghostbuters PC multiplayer

If you bought Ghostbusters on PC, you may have been a bit bummed at the fact that it didn’t come with the multiplayer mode that was shipped with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. There’s kind of an explanation for that.

“Multiplayer for the PC version of Ghostbusters is something that Threewave and Terminal Reality always wanted to do. However, our focus was on making the console version the best that they could be – an experience that allows multiple players to re-live and re-fight many of the themes from the movies,” said Dan Irish, CEO of the Ghostbuster’s multiplayer developer Threewave Software when asked by BigDownload.

It seems the developer just didn’t have enough resources to make multiplayer a reality on each system that was capable of utilizing it. There is still no word on whether or not Atari plans to add multiplayer to the PC version of Ghostbusters in the future.