Heavy Rain’s mo-cap up for sale

Heavy Rain developers Quantic Dream are putting a Motion Kit Collection up for sale which they claim will be an “evolving library” of animations and captured motions.

The studio worked on Indigo Prophecy (known as Fahrenheit worldwide) and, before that, the under-appreciated Omikron: The Nomad Soul which starred David Bowie. Now they’re putting their cinematic muscle to profitable use by providing motion kit libraries and the first will feature “2 motion kit libraries (one for both sexes), each comprising 84 generic motion animations, which totals 2 X 7 linear minutes of animation data.”

Quantic uses a 28-camera Vicon MX-F40 system to capture the data and says their package will “reduce time and budget outlays for prototyping, pre and full productions.”

It all sounds very impressive to us but, then again, we’re not developers.