New PC game gun makes you feel like…you’re still holding a game gun

Hands down, the best gaming gun I have ever used was for the Silent Scope arcade series. If you don’t remember, Silent Scope had a sniper rifle with a small LCD display in the scope giving only the paying player a zoomed in view of the action. The gun was realistic and the shooting was fun and, dare I say, the dollar per play I paid when it first came out. Since then, not much has impressed in the way of gun game hardware, except for the Nerf Switch Shot EX-3 because I could actually shoot people with it. That is at least until now.

Enter the Wireless PC Game Gun. Never before have I seen such dedication to realism from a homemade gaming device. This gun, as the video so helpfully demonstrates, takes a store bought toy gun and upgrades the hell out of it till players have a gamepad, LCD monitor, a projection screen and a gyration mouse for head tracking. Now the game room is the commando training room and will have gamers moving around and aiming like a true paramilitary badass, or a goofy looking wanna-be with a healthy imagination and way too much time on their hands.

Either way we solute TheRedneckTechie and hope this game gun brings both profit to him and a more immersing and realistic gaming experience to gamers, because that’s what its all about in the end. If you’re interested, dear gamers, TheRedneckTechie will be raffling off the gun from this video on July 29th. In other news: Experts are also working on more realistic feedback for taking damage, other than vibration. For the extremist they suggest hooking your nuts to a device involving clamps and a 9v battery.