New Wii accessory tumbles into absurdity

1up picked up on a new accessory (via Gearfuse) for the Wii that CTA Digital recently released. Yes, it’s a bowling ball. And yes, it’s absurd.

The device is designed to encapsulate the Wii remote, and allow the user to hold the ball like a real bowling ball while still maintaining control of the game. According to CTA’s website, “This ultra-realistic accessory allows you to mimic all the critical motions a ‘striking’ performance requires.” Not enough information is floating around on the internet yet for one to make a responsible judgment, but my BS-meter is reading off the charts.

No details on price or availability have been announced, and I can’t tell how much the ball weighs from the product description. Still, given that a significant amount of Wii users are non-athletic 12 year olds whose out of this world fantasies include bowling and tennis, it can’t weigh much. Anyone who has ever gone bowling knows that no realistic bowling experience is complete without the strong smell of Marlboro Lights, and dense, heavy bowling balls.  A 12 oz sphereical–and presumably aroma free–controller simply doesn’t live up to League standards.

This is what I mean by absurd. The Wii was and still is a novel concept, but the endless accessories currently on the market are highlighting the console’s gimmicky nature. For the same reason that a plastic tennis racket doesn’t make a digitized tennis match realistic, this ball won’t allow users the unprecedented control CTA Digital is promising.

The bowling ball seems closer to a gloss, for which I am sure there is a market. But it’s frivolous, and won’t make Wii Bowling feel real. Money is hard to come by these days, save yours for The Conduit.