Rare starts tweeting; reveals nothing

Peter Molyneux, now probably enjoying a humongous salary as the creative director of Microsoft Europe, stated he wanted famous British developer Rare to open their doors a little more and be a little more communicative with their audience.

So what do they do? They sign up to Twitter and start tweeting. Awesome. Good job, guys. You’re only months behind everybody else. Well done.

Despite Microsoft laying out a whopping for the studio, Rare have yet to live up to their reputation. Much to the chagrin of Microsoft. Rare were former Nintendo darlings whose every game shifted millions of units, nowadays their contributions of Perfect Dark Zero and Viva PiƱata can barely hold a candle to million-unit monsters like Halo 3 or Gears of War 2.

Will Twitter be a fresh start for the studio? Probably not. Rare’s responsible for the NXE avatars and are actively involved in all things related to it as well as developing Natal projects (their Twitter says they’re looking for staff in case you’re interested). There’s also teasing mentions of Killer Instinct but not much else.

There’s only one thing gamers expect from Rare; awesome games. Long gone are the days of Diddy Kong Racing and Jet Force Gemini. Perhaps it’s time the studio started to look inward, rather than outward, for inspiration.