Rumor / PlayStation Cloud details

A few weeks back, we heard about Sony’s trademark on a product called “PS Cloud.” According to Silconera’s report back in March, Playstation Cloud was registered “for use with a cloud computing data center management software, communications software, broadcasting services, and a long list of other terms.”

Sony failed to mention anything about Playstation Cloud at E3 and the assumption that it was some sort of far-off conceptual answer to OnLive seemed to be pretty spot on. However, some potential PS Cloud features appear to have been leaked by a SCEA Consumer Services representative.

A Gametrailers forum member claims to have called SCEA Consumer Services and, upon not receiving an appropriate answer to his questions regarding “lack of PS3 features,” was treated to a few tidbits regarding the mysterious PS Cloud. The rep mentioned the possibility of a Facebook-esque news feed detailing what your PSN friends had been up to recently (avatar changes, trophies received) in addition to Sony’s efforts to make the Playstation Network a more “social and connected” experience.

Considering this whole thing isn’t a clever piece of fiction, it’s exciting to know that the PS3’s online social experience is receiving a much-needed overhaul. Check out the original forum post here.