Secret Duke Nukem in development?

Despite all of the legal wrangling and the closure of 3D Realms it appears that Duke Nukem may, indeed, be forever. According to a GamePolitics report, a “well known” studio has signed a contract with Nukem publisher Take-Two to develop an as-yet-unannounced Duke Nukem game.

While the original developer of Duke Nukem Forever, 3D Realms, and Take-Two argue over who’s going to stump up the alleged $2.5 million advance to the other it appears somebody else has their finger in Nukem’s pie. So to speak.

In the recent court documentation 3D Realms says that, “the development agreement for the new Duke Nukem-based game (not to be confused with the DNF game) being developed by the separate game developer scheduled the new Duke Nukem-based game to be completed by mid-2010.”

The site has requested comment from publishers Apogee and Take-Two and has updated with a small tidbit; the game being developed by Apogee is apparently entitled Duke Begins and is in the hands of 2K Games who, we all know, are part of Take-Two.

2010 would mean there’s approximately a year way until Duke explodes back onto our screens. But, more importantly, will anybody care if, or when, he does?