SSF2THDR now on sale for 10 bucks

Why abbreviate Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix in the title just to spell out bucks instead of using a dollar sign? We here at TVGB are huge fans of the subtle Eastern European styles of irony. Also I forgot if the dollar sign goes before or after the number.

This week and this week only on Xbox Live SSF2THDR will be on sale for 5 dollars cheaper than usual, making a solid $15 game a steal of a 10$ game. While some more fickle and less devout fans of the series might argue this is the price it should have been all along, we here at TVGB say shut the hell up and buy it because it’s awesome and you’re a whiner.

[ed- stop attacking the reader, we talked about this. Stop talking for us, we don’t like you]

$10 for a chunk of pretty nostalgia at least warrants retrying the demo. I mean come on, it’s the deal of the week, you’ve gotta jump on that now.

[ed- Is this persuasive writing where you come from? Please be more professional]