Attention bad guys, Santa isn’t the only one making a list

It’s official: The Punisher: No Mercy is set to kick your teeth in and make you beg July 2, 2009 exclusively on the PSN for $9.99. When we first heard No Mercy was going to play as a frenzied online FPS, our first thought was kick-ass. Our second thought was that it sounds a lot like Unreal Tournament III, which means we’re brilliant because it is and its also being powered by the Unreal Engine 3.

Players will choose from a long list of Punisher good guys and baddies and battle in various arenas. Currently announced are a shipyard full of illegal stuff (please be RPGs or Laser Cats) and the “birthplace” of Punisher’s nemesis, Jigsaw. Up to eight players can go at it in solo free-for-alls or in team-based missions.

What’s that, you’re a Punisher fan that isn’t into online gaming? Well, you’d be kind of missing the point here since No Mercy “was designed with fast-paced online multi-player FPS action in mind.” However, there is still hopeĀ in theĀ dedicated single-player story rich in Punisher history straight from the comics with artwork by Marvel artist, Mike Deodato.