Dark Void back on the radar with new developer diary

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Dark Void, Airtight Games’ Rocketeer on steroids shooter, but they’re back on our game release radar with a new developer diary.

Listen to lead designer Jose Perez III and friends discuss the evolution of the character from grappling hook-tossing loser to jetpack-sporting badass, all while growing progressively more animated. It’s cool to see game makers get so genuinely excited about what they’re working on, especially when said game makers are the same creative team behind Crimson Skies, one of the best aerial adventures to ever grace a console.

Anyway, one can hardly blame them for getting a bit foamy at the mouth when the game in question allows you to airjack a flying saucer, annoying its robotic pilot to the point that he peeks out – just long enough for you to blast his face into a fine shrapnel spray. In addition to showing off the thrilling flying mechanics, the video also gives a more detailed look at the dizzying vertical combat, which will have you jumping and bouncing expertly across crumbling cliff faces like a futuristic monkey man. A futuristic monkey man with a jetpack.

Seriously, strapping 30-pounds of rocket fueled fun to my back is starting to look like a great idea.