Final Fantasy spoiler alert: Aeris is still dead, Red XIII still a talking dog

Disagreements are rife among videogame fans – some of us like the PlayStation 3, some prefer Xbox 360.  Some thought Castle Crashers was the game to download last year, some thought Braid. Some think the Wii is the way of the future, others think it’s a toy for children and old people. But, there’s one thing that almost all of us can agree on: Final Fantasy VII is a great game. Originally released in 1997, the classic role-playing game focused on a band of misfits led by a stereotypical young hero named Cloud and made its mark by providing compelling gameplay and heart-wrenching plot twists during an era when videogame stories were largely ignored.

The game was ported to the PlayStation Network on June 2 and has already reached an impressive 100,000 downloads. That’s not too shabby for a 12-year old game, and the fact that it can generate such high sales speaks to its relevance and quality of gameplay and design, which are still attracting gamers today. Now, if only Final Fantasy developer Square Enix will take a hint and give us a sequel or, at the very least, an updated version of the original for current consoles. We’ve been waiting long enough, Square!