Rock Band 2 Wii-zer

Last week, Harmonix and MTV games announced that they were releasing a selection of tracks from artists performing at Bonnaroo. These tracks were already available to PS3 and Xbox 360 owners, and their release helped Wii owners do a little catch-up. This week, the companies released another list of back-catalog offerings from artists like Weezer, Nine Inch Nails and Dead Kennedys. These tracks are available today in the Rock Band 2 store for, you guessed it, 100-200 Wii Points each.┬áSo, if you’ve got a few hundred spare Wii points laying around, or have a creepy obsession for Nine Inch Nails, stop on by the store and drop a few bucks worth of Wii-opoly money. A list of the tracks follow (with the 100 Wii point track starred).

The Cab “One of THOSE Nights”
Dashboard Confessional “Hands Down”
Dead Kennedys “California Uber Alles”
Dead Kennedys “Holiday in Cambodia”
Dead Kennedys “Police Truck”
Free “All Right Now”
Nine Inch Nails “Burn”
Nine Inch Nails “Capital G”
Nine Inch Nails “Last”
Scars on Broadway “They Say”
Staind “This Is It”
Testament “Electric Crown”
thenewno2 “Yomp”*
Weezer “Dreamin”
Weezer “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived”
Weezer “Troublemaker”