Tony Hawk Ride board perfect for FPS, strategy games, Bejeweled

Jumping on the bandwagon of pairing videogames with plastic crap, the forthcoming Tony Hawk Ride will be packaged with a wheel-less skateboard that can sense your movements, similar to Wii Fit’s fitness board. Those of you concerned about making the considerable $120 investment in the new Tony Hawk game can rest easy, though: in an effort to allay your fears, Joshua Tsui, president of development house Robomodo, has stated that a number of different games will be released for the board. “We look at it less as a peripheral, as more of a platform. The obvious ones are snowboarding and surfing and such, but there are a lot of games that can be used with this board, and we’re really excited to start working on those,” Tsui said. Exactly what he has in mind when he says that “a lot of games” will be compatible with the board is anyone’s guess at this point.